Day 17: Stuck in Your Guilt

Reading Miracle Story this morning and a passage struck me:

You are stuck there, you and your guilt, in a battle for your peace of mind that you can only win by hardening your heart and “going on.” If you do that, of course, it will be much easier to do the wrong again. And again. And again forever until you die. You become wedded to your sin and in time it becomes who you are.

Yesterday I got into a word battle with someone on Facebook over abortion. I took the position that most on the pro-choice side of the issue see only the side they want to see and put words in other’s mouths that they did not say. Witness the unfortunately poor choice of words by Richard Mourdock. I do not believe he in any way shape or form, said that rape was something God intended. I believe his words were twisted to create the most outrage among feminists. During election season the temptation to twist words to our advantage is overwhelming. Despite all of our wrangling over word choice and who has the right to do what, our argument on Facebook came down to what one believes about abortion. Is the fetus a baby, a living being, or not? If not, then abortion is fine. You are merely getting rid of a tumor, like cancer therapy. If it is a living being, created by two people, who will fight for them if the mother won’t and the father isn’t allowed (rapists have no rights period)?

I’m not arguing this again here, but I can see those on one side becoming “wedded to their sin”, the sin of pride, believing they are completely right, and refusing to let the other side have any kind of say in the matter. It’s easy to demonize the side that disagrees with you but it’s not so easy to actually admit why we have such vehement feelings about a topic. Why are we so angry? Is it really because we feel we can do anything we wish to our bodies and no one has a say? I’m afraid many times in life that’s just not true. Like the author of the above quote, I believe the only answer to such stubbornness and such hardness of heart ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ISSUE…… is God. What would happen if BOTH sides admitted they could learn from the other and just LISTEN and disagree reasonably rather than twist words and spew hate?

Why? Because God is not a given in society now. For some, God is a fantasy. How though can we ever expect a softening of heart without God? I’m at a loss to know.